Biomagnification is the reason I stopped eating meat. Based on how much meat Americans eat it is also a major reason that chronic illness is on the rise. Here is the definition: bi·o·mag·ni·fi·ca·tion ˌ bīōˌmaɡnifiˈkāSHən/ noun the concentration of toxins in an organism as a result of its ingesting other plants or animals in which the toxins are more widely disbursed. In other words, the further up the food chain your meal is... the more toxins you are consuming. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia: Biological magnification often refers to the process whereby certain substances such as pesticides or heavy metals move up the food chain, work their way into rivers or lakes, and are eaten by aqua

It's All Show Business Kid!

Most of the western world has accepted the concept of detoxifying, right? Taking one day maybe every few months and cleansing out the toxins from our system. So, how did those toxins get there? Was it from what you were eating, drinking, or breathing? Yes and then some! We can even get toxins through our skin, which is the largest organ of the human body... but we'll get to that later. Let me tell you I get SO ANGRY every time I hear about someone else with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or any other chronic illness... especially when it is someone very young. Who am I angry at? I'm angry at the system. I'm angry at scientists at major food and drug companies that know full well what is g

Milk... NOT for humans!

Did I perplex you with my last blog? My statement that there is a universal way for everyone to eat to stay disease free is quite bold, I know! So, what kind of facts do I have to back it up? Great question! Let's find out... one step at a time! The first book I was required to read while pursuing my nutritionist certification was by Dr. T. Colin Campbell titled "WHOLE". Dr. Campbell spent 10 years as a professor at Virginia Tech's Department of Biochemistry and Nutrition before going to Cornell in 1975. My eye opening moments reading WHOLE had a lot to do with the fact that Campbell was raised on a dairy farm milking cows. When he became the coordinator of a US State Department project in

This Gut of Mine

As a child I was riddled with stomach pain ALL of the time. So much so that I just thought it was normal. My mom worked hard to make sure I ate "healthy" or at least what the world saw as healthy. For breakfast she would make eggs, bacon, and serve milk. At school for lunch I would have pbj, pizza, or whatever was being served. I LOVED Chick-fil-A chicken sandwiches also. And whenever I was at home I was encouraged to drink milk, because it does a body good, right? It wasn't until age 11 that I was diagnosed with food allergies. Yep, I was allergic to eggs, dairy, red meat, and chocolate. My poor mom felt horrible. Even in the 70's we were surrounded by advertising that milk is good for us;

Natural Solutions

Continuing after blog #2... around the time I was recovering from the Cleocin induced colitis I began feeling pain in the back of both knees for no reason. Despite my primary care physicians advice I went back to see him. He ordered an MRI, but there were still no answers. They determined based on the location of the pain I must have tendinitis of my hamstring tendons. Fast forward 6 months and I get an email regarding a class action lawsuit for Levaquin users who suffered from torn tendons after using the antibiotic. Well, well, now there's an explanation. Fortunately my tendons were not torn, but unfortunately I couldn't be a part of the class action. However, this put me in research mode.

I was told to stay away from doctors, by my doctor!

About 6 years ago I had a 2 month time frame where I would've sworn I was dying. Seriously... I called my pastor and asked him to pray for me. I was lethargic with stomach pain and every single muscle ached! Many of these symptoms alone were not unusual for me at the time, but this occurred all at once and all of my symptoms were magnified and very painful. I went to the doctor who diagnosed me with a sinus infection. What? My stomach pain is a sinus infection? I should add that by the time I made it to the doctor's office I had just started feeling sinus pressure. So, the doctor said yes... a sinus infection can move around and affects every individual differently. Okay, he's the doctor so

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