Feed Disease or FIGHT IT!

As you would imagine I talk to people quite often about reversing their chronic illness through nutrition. What shocks me time and time again is that when I begin telling them the cold hard truth the usual response is "oh I couldn't give that up"! Maybe my delivery is poor and my passion misconstrued. For any of you who wouldn't EVER give up meat this is for you. I'm hoping after you read this you will AT LEAST consider limiting your animal consumption. First of all the basics (which I go in much more detail on in my Bio-MAGNIFICATION Blog): Bio-magnification means that the higher up on the food chain an organism is, the more toxins are in their system. When you eat meat you are ingesting to

Eat Your Flu Shot

I see a lot of shaming at times from friends mocking others for trying to avoid vaccinations for their children. Did you know that there is a National Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund? If you suffer harm or death due to a vaccine you cannot sue the manufacturer of the vaccine, but you can sue the Federal Government and attempt to obtain compensation from this fund. Interesting to note that we fund this program from the taxes we pay on vaccines. Back in 1986 Congress gave the pharmaceutical companies immunity against lawsuits for injuries or deaths resulting from vaccines. Before this time there were SO many lawsuits pending against big pharma that they blackmailed Congress; telling them that

Less Meds - Goal Accomplished!

As I was finishing up my Holistic Nutrition Course I had to choose someone to consult as practice for my final project. My mother was a major reason I became interested in pursuing information on using nutrition to reverse disease. Naturally she was my first guinea pig! She was a very loving participant, although she didn't want to tell me her weight! :) Luckily she ended up complying with even that and I turned in the results of our initial consultation making a 100% on the project, whoo hoo! But my score doesn't matter as much as IF IT WORKS!!! One very important thing I learned in my studies is that every individual is at a different stage of change. Some are clearly not ready, some need

Getting Back on TRACK!

I was on a roll! Since July of 2015 to July of 2016 I had lost 15 lbs from my Jazzercise Certification and Plant Based Eating. Then a very FUN summer of 2016 happened and the weight came BACK!!! I started my plant based eating in January of 2016, shortly after beginning my Certified Holistic Nutrition courses. What I learned as I began my course had me QUICKLY changing my eating patterns! Back in July of 2015 I had lost the first 10 lbs from my certification training and then the additional 5 lbs came off very quickly once I established a plant based eating plan. By Easter of 2016 my husband followed suit! Actually I believe he bought into the plant based philosophy previously, but it wasn't

2 Questions. 2 Answers.

There are TWO questions ALWAYS asked when people find out I eat Plant Based. First is either Oh, you're a Vegetarian? -OR- Oh, you're a Vegan? Click Here for more info, but to sum it up, here are the differences: A vegetarian is someone who does not eat chicken, pig, cow, fish, turkey or any other type of animal. However, they do include the products produced by animals such as eggs and dairy. A vegan does not eat any animal or anything that comes from an animal – so eggs, dairy and often honey are excluded. Someone who eats a plant based diet may be a vegetarian or vegan or they may not be. A whole food plant based diet is based on a majority of whole plant foods but may include a very smal

Tracking Nutrients

If you're wondering what exactly you can eat on a Whole Plant Food nourishment plan, then this blog is for you. I call it a nourishment plan as opposed to a diet because it is truly the way to provide your body with ALL the nutrients it needs to thrive and avoid the unhealthy by-products that are making so many people ill. Even if you still have some unhealthy items but over 80% of the good stuff your system will work to get rid of the bad stuff. Below are 3 days and 3 variations of what I consume on a regular basis in a given day. For me some days are better than others and on the weekends I loosen up a bit (but I still will no longer consume animal meat - see my bio-magnification blog). So

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