Why Reductionism Keeps Big Pharma From Resolving the Healthcare Crisis.

While I was studying for my Holistic Nutrition Certification there were a LOT of books that I had to read, however my favorite was "WHOLE" by Dr. T. Colin Campbell. If you are confused about what to eat to stay healthy and prevent illness I highly recommend this book. In "WHOLE" the author states “The primary reason our very costly health-care system is broken is because it doesn’t deliver health, and seems to have little interest in doing so.” As he mentions, the focus should be on controlling disease, as opposed to controlling costs. Instead of focusing on preventive medicine we need preventive lifestyles. Politicians have missed this completely due to the pressures (implied or direct) fro

Back to Health After IRMA!

After giving in to my vices during and after Hurricane Irma I knew I was in need of healing. Too many comfort foods and my immune system was definitely compromised. Too many organic chips, cheese loaded foods, and of course wine and my body was hollering out STOP THAT'S ENOUGH! I knew what was going on, but just to be sure I was listening my system filled up two lymph nodes in my neck with some of the toxins I had consumed. It was obvious that my lack of real, plant based foods had created this situation so at first I didn't feel the need to see a doctor. I just needed to detox and vowed to consume whole plant based for the next week to superpower my immune system! It started out well, I had

Confessions of an Irma Survivor

I have a confession to make, during this past week I caved into cravings and did a LOT of emotional eating and drinking! It started off by purchasing loads of dry foods to prepare to be powerless during and after the storm. Grocery store shelves were emptying quickly so I had to move fast! We stocked up on organic corn chips, organic crackers, multi-grain bread, natural peanut butter, jam, and TONS of spring water! To go with the chips we had plenty of hummus and salsa as well. We also stocked up on produce, and that was no problem at all. Seems that instead of going for grapes, strawberries, blueberries, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, etc... most Floridians focused on chips and crackers. I cou

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