Is Aspartame Really a Toxin?

A few years ago, before becoming a Certified Holistic Nutritionist I was out with my husband and we met up with another couple. The wife was just gorgeous, however she suffered severely from MS. My heart went out to her and I had actually just read an article a few days prior regarding Aspartame's role in the neurological system of our bodies and how it could cause MS in some people. I know that this theory has since been disputed by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and other organizations. But that evening I watched this beautiful woman down at least 6 Diet Cokes and couldn't help but to think that the correlation may very well be real. Of course, like usual when I am out and about

Tracking Calories vs Consuming Nutrients

You know I'm always talking about avoiding toxins and getting nutrients into your body, right? With all my talk about eating whole plant foods people still ask about counting calories and I understand why! First of all that is how we've been conditioned and secondly we have goals!! Most of us have goals to lose weight, so how does plant based eating fit into weight loss? First and foremost we need to especially focus on nutrients when losing weight, the last thing we need is to get sick and blow the whole plan. Am I right? As you may know I discovered a GREAT tool for tracking nutrients called Cronometer. I love it because it's easy to see what nutrients you might be lacking so you can make

Avoiding These Foods Can Extend & Improve Your Natural Life.

Do you know what TOR is? Well, according to Wikipedia it is a free software for enabling anonymous communication. LOL, well obviously I'm not talking about that TOR, what I'm talking about is an enzyme. TOR is an AGING enzyme! Wouldn't it be cool if there were ways to inhibit this enzyme to extend your natural life span? There have actually been more than 5,000 papers published over the last decade on this engine-of-aging enzyme, and there is a drug called Rapamycin that inhibits this enzyme. The drug Rapamycin has been used experimentally to extend lifespan, but is already in use clinically to prevent the rejection of kidney transplants. Interestingly though, patients who received Rapamycin

Crazy About Shrimp? Choose Wisely!

If you just have to have shrimp, please seek out shrimp from a clean source. By eating farmed shrimp you are opening up your system to many, many, many health problems. This is because Farmed Shrimp is Highly Contaminated (contain hazardous drugs, chemical residues from cleaning agents, pathogens like Salmonella and E.coli, along with other contaminants like mouse and rat hair) and Non-Regulated (less than 2% imported into the US is even inspected). CLICK HERE for an article by Dr. Mercola with more details. Also, shrimp has been linked to various neurological orders as it contains BMAA; a neurotoxin with a highly possible link to neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer

Eating In the Garden of Eden

Human life began in the garden and I believe the nourishment for our life was also found in the garden. Beyond my Holistic Nutritionist Certification which focuses on plant based eating for healing there are also Biblical references as such which I find extremely interesting. First of all, God tells us what to eat in Genesis: Putting what God says here in Genesis 1:29 into modern English, it would read: “I have given you raw fruits and vegetables, seeds, and nuts to be your food!” Don't you think that God knew what he was doing? Would he instruct human creation to consume a pure, raw, 100% plant-based, vegan diet if it weren't what our human bodies were designed for? If God the Creator, told

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