How Companies Pay Researchers to Reach Biased Conclusions and Why This is Harming Your Health.

Believe it or not I didn't used to eat vegetables. It's true! Prior to 3 years ago I wouldn't touch a single one! You can ask my mom, my dad, my husband, or my in-laws and they will confirm! When I started my nutrition course I thought I was eating healthy, at that time my routine consisted of organic eggs, protein shakes, organic chicken, grass fed beef, and salad for the most part. It wasn't until I was studying to become a Certified Nutritionist that this really changed. Believe me, if I could've gotten away with NOT eating vegetables I would've. Although now that my taste-buds have come alive, I feel SO MUCH BETTER and wouldn't change a thing!! Of course, my goal in becoming certified wa

Are blue pills the answer (no, not those)?

My system used to get all out of whack when traveling, how about you? I started realizing that for me there was a connection to my fast food consumption and constipation. I wonder if anyone else has seen a link with these two items in their lives. Once I had made this connection I started bringing ex-lax with me on trips as a solution. Of course this was before my certification as a nutritionist and now I have much better solutions. First of all, let's talk about how the "popping a pill" solution worked. The first time I used this solution was after a plane trip to Kansas City (from Florida). The ex-lax worked quickly that's for sure, but I was up all night getting rid of the fast food items

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