Alleviate your digestive issues and chronic pain in just 3 months with a delicious customized eating plan based on YOUR specific lifestyle & health needs. 


YOU-based NUTRITION is a comprehensive 12-week course for men & women who are ready to use nutrition to self-heal their health issues like digestive issues & chronic pain.

If you are tired of getting the run around from doctors and know that there MUST be a better way…

but you don’t know where to start!

There are SO MANY conflicting messages involving nutrition…


then YOU-based NUTRITION is for you!

My YOU-based NUTRITION program combines the philosophy of Hippocrates, solid scientific research, along with biblical truths to provide you with the support and confidence that you need to truly heal as the good Lord intended. 


I am here to guide you every step along the way as you change your eating habits and your mindset so you can truly thrive & feel younger again!

Everything you thought about medicine and food is a lie. An expensive lie at that!

With the fact-based, evidence-based, and faith inspired YOU-Based Nutrition program your eyes will be opened to the best nutrition plan based on your specific health, hereditary, and lifestyle needs.

You will also learn how the food industry promotes unhealthy foods under “healthy” pretenses like labeling them natural or approving GMO's as if they do no harm when they actually wreak havoc in your body.


TOGETHER we will work to RESOLVE your personal health issues through evidence based nutrition and a faith based mindset.


Unlike any other diets or any other nutrition plan this program is uniquely aligned with your needs. 


The comprehensive and interactive YOU-Based NUTRITION program will provide you with the support and information you need to move forward past your pain and discomfort.

I know that you want to stay away from another unplanned doctor or hospital visit.

I know that you want nothing more than to be healthy & thriving for your family!

You desire a delicious eating plan that…


  • Helps to reverse Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Constipation, or constant stomach pain

  • Helps to remove your chronic tendon, muscle, ligament, back, or joint pain

  • Fits in with your hectic schedule so you can eat on the go or out at restaurants as well

  • Doesn’t pigeon-hole you into a specific dietary label

  • Lines up with God’s will for you!

  • Is personalized to you, based on your potential hereditary conditions

  • Helps you reach your ideal weight

  • Makes you feel 5-10 years younger!

  • Tastes DELISH!


What if you could have all of the above with consistent support from a Certified Holistic Nutritionist?

The Problem is your doctor most likely has NEVER taken a SINGLE NUTRITION course and up until now, you have been following his nutrition advice!

Maybe you...

  • Are eating cleaner and leaner but still haven’t resolved your health issues.

  • Are eating more and more protein (like your doctor probably told you) but your issues are getting even worse!

  • Have no idea what else you can do because you’ve tried everything!

  • Feel like a victim stuck in a life of disease and pain!


It’s TIME to break the VICIOUS CYCLE in a way that is personalized and simplified!


I promise that the vicious cycle can come to a stop! I promise that there are REAL answers to help resolve your health issues and concerns by digging beneath the layers into the ROOT causes of your health issues. Don’t worry about a thing; I am here to help you every step along the way!

I’m Ali Cody and I’m here to make sure you get answers to your deepest, darkest fears.

As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and a Certified Fitness Instructor I help women go from managing pain to conquering pain. I do NOT sell supplements, I do NOT sell shakes... I provide you with real answers based on your unique concerns.

I know what you’re going through right now because before I was a fitness instructor and a nutritionist I lived in constant pain. It took a while for me to consider that my consumption was a huge part of the problem because I ate healthy!! At least that’s what I thought based on what is advertised as healthy in the western world.


Years ago, in desperation for answers I purchased a white paper online on “reversing antibiotic induced chronic tendinitis”. This white paper began to open my eyes regarding the connection between nutrients and pain. For the first time I started realizing that my diet was leaving me void of vitamins and minerals that I had never even thought of before, so I immediately added in the appropriate supplements to my routine.

My chronic tendinitis improved immensely with the supplements, but I still had back pain and a lot of digestive issues. There was more to the puzzle and I was determined to figure it out!

I’ve actually had stomach issues my entire life and spent a lot of my childhood hospitalized due to complications from my gut issues. At 3 years of age I was in the hospital for weeks… they had to transport me to Shands in Gainesville, FL (we lived over an hour away) because my white blood cell count was too high. My immune system was going crazy trying to fight off disease. The doctors never got to the root of the issue, however (miraculously) my white blood cell count went back down to normal and I was released. Praise God!

At 11 years of age I was diagnosed with a TON of environmental allergies as well as food allergies, I had to quit eating dairy, red meat, eggs, and chocolate. Although my stomach pain was no longer constant, I still dealt with severe pain 3-5 days a week. For the environmental allergies I found myself getting shots weekly (I no longer have to do that either).

Little did I know… it wouldn't be until my mid-forties that I would finally resolve these issues. It was at this time that I pursued a journey to become a Certified Nutritionist. Since reading that white paper I had been obsessed; reading every single article, video, documentary, and series on the link between illness and nutrition. Yet I still didn’t understand the big picture… until my certification!

Through nutrition I have freed myself from digestive issues…

  • No more Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  • No more Colitis

  • No more Constipation

  • No more Spastic Colon

  • No more Food Allergies


Through nutrition & fitness I have freed myself of constant pain…

  • No more chronic tendinitis

  • No more constant back pain

  • No more severe unexplained pain

  • No more sciatica

  • No more hip pain


My passion now is to help you be free of pain and illness! God did not design our bodies to fail. He designed a miraculous system of organs that work together to heal itself most of the time when given the proper fuel to thrive!

What can you expect from YOU-based NUTRITION?

During this 12 week program you can expect a supportive environment that guides you every step along the way to your optimal nutrition plan. Through weekly modules and one-on-one calls you can expect a high level of personalization to help you create a nutrition plan that works into your real life craziness!

Once your three months are finished you can expect continued support through a private community group of women who have also been through the program.

The best part is that not only will you alleviate your health issues but you will most likely lose weight and have better focus and energy throughout each day!

Your most important takeaways will be:



God has a lot to say about our mindset and our nourishment and we will use this to open up our minds and lift up our hearts before each module of this journey. The key benefit is?



With renewed purpose, we will work closely together on breaking the bad habits that will stunt your success. Whether it is binging, excessive drinking, late night snacking or a mixed bag of bad habits we will uncover anything that will keep you from success.



You will learn how to consume the right balance of nutrients for your specific needs. This will allow you to begin eating in a purposeful way in order to reverse your current issues. This will also speak to your deepest, darkest fears and allow you the peace of mind to know that you can avoid the health concerns that scare you the most.



You will not be alone in this process! During the course you will have one to one interactive calls with your very own personal certified nutritionist! By the end of the program you will be in a community of those who have already completed the 3 months providing continued support.



Don’t worry about missing out on your favorite foods! You will end up with a LOVE / LOVE relationship with food! Your taste-buds are going to LOVE this… trust me!

In 3 short months with me, you will receive:

  • Weekly training modules with real life applications

  • Access to a top notch online/mobile app that will track your consumption down to the tiniest detail with ease of use due to its massive food database

  • Full access to myself including one-on-one calls every other week and direct email access for personalized help at any point in the program.

  • Detailed examples of eating plans and healthy food substitutions giving you the confidence to create what works best for you

  • A solid foundation of truth when it comes to nutrition that will enable you to discern whether the latest “study” is based on truth or propaganda

  • A study of biblical and scientific truths which, when applied, will re-vamp your immune system to work as God intended.


"I feel great…I don’t feel as stressed (even though this is a very stressful time at work)…my kids are all in good places…life is good! And after thanking God, I have to thank you!" -Mindy S. Saginaw, MI 

"I usually hate to wear dresses, because of how I feel that I look in them. But today I rocked a cute in-style dress and felt great! My confidence is coming back! - Julie Y.  Altamonte Springs, FL


"I can tell I am on the right track because six months ago I couldn't do my job as a dental assistant and I have recently started working part time again to start but hoping as a progress I can do my normal four days per week!" - Misty N. Oroville, CA


Thanks to Ali my blood sugars are finally under control, I am losing weight, have more energy, and less pain!" - Martha K. Longwood, FL

My cholesterol came down so low that my doctor says I can cut my medication in half. Check out my A1c! Also down 13 more pounds! Can't send enough good things about Ali and her program! So glad God brought us together!! - Suzy B. VA

“Since working with ali my digestive issues have been resolved and I am moving around pain free. Also, my blood sugar levels are perfect now too!” -Martha Kiser

"Her wealth of knowledge about all things nutrition is a great resource for anyone looking to improve any aspect of their health. I have known Ali since the mid 90's and wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone. She truly cares and can help you make the changes necessary to allow your body to heal itself through nutrition and exercise." Tim Wood

During your 30 minute call we will discuss where you are on your journey to health and see if you are a good fit for the program.

YOU based NUTRITION is a unique program that doesn't try to pigeon hole you into the current diet trends. This program focuses on the part of your life that is of vital importance to you and your family...    YOUR HEALTH!

We will work together as a team intentionally designing a plan based on your unique needs. Our #1 focus will be the best nutrition to combat your digestive and chronic pain issues.

Your confusion about nutrition will be simplified in life-saving ways that will positively affect your family for generations to come! 

You will leave with the confidence that you can listen to your body's signals and respond accordingly.


Once completed with the course you will join a community group of like-minded individuals for continued support!

There are plenty of health coaches, nutrition plans, and nutritionists out there but none that have a comprehensive solution in place that allows for personalized attention & customization based on each person's unique issues.

When you start the YOU-based NUTRITION journey you will dig down into your deepest concerns and fears regarding your health and being there for your family.

Together we will move you past the fear and into resilience and God given empowerment to a healthier and more energetic you!


You will no longer be fearful about your future and no longer weighed down by fears of debilitating disease!

My Promise to You:

You will never regret taking this opportunity to stop the vicious circle and resolve your health issues once and for all. The education you gain regarding nutrition will be life changing and you’ll experience a shift from confusion to complete clarity on the best foods for your situation that you actually enjoy eating.


You will start LOVING the foods that heal you and you’ll want to shout it from the rooftops!

A healthy and vibrant YOU is within reach if…

  • You’re sick and tired of doctor’s visits with no real results

  • You’re ready to “Let thy food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food” –Hippocrates

  • You’re ready to make an impact on your family for generations to come

  • You want to stop being a victim and start thriving in health and wellness

  • You understand that nutrition is truly the answer to your problems but don't know where to start


You can keep going to the doctor to treat the symptoms of your health issues and manage your pain indefinitely… or you can once and for all understand and treat the root of your health issues in order to conquer your pain!


Apply for the YOU-based NUTRITION program!

Frequently Asked Questions (& their answers):

Does the program take 12 weeks for everyone? What if I go at a different pace?

You can move at your own pace, just know that you have 12 weeks of access to me as your personal counselor. Even if you finish in 8 weeks I will still be your on call nutritionist for 4 more weeks. On the flip side, if it takes you longer to go through the program then you can request an extension.


Do I have to work the program at a specific time of the day?


Absolutely not, you can work on this program whenever it fits into your schedule. With the exception of our one-on-one calls there will be no specific times set for you to experience this journey.


What can I expect during this 3 month journey?


This is a one of a kind, life changing experience. Regardless of where you are on this journey of nutrition and health you will feel the results of every change that you make. Whether you want to jump in head first and make drastic changes or take your time… it will all be spelled out for you step by step!


How much does it cost?

What value do you put on your health? What is it costing you currently in doctor's bills, hospital bills, and quality time missed with your family. If you stay on the current path where do you see yourself in 10-20 years? If that scares you then you are ready to invest in something completely different in order to achieve different results.


If we determine that this program is a fit for you during our Discovery Call (and it's not a fit for everyone) we will discuss the investment at that time.


If you have any additional questions, please email me at