• Ali Cody

10 Weight Loss Tips While Stuck at Home

If being stuck at home amidst comfort foods (or even healthy foods) has you eating more and moving less, then here are 10 tips that helped me... and I pray they are a blessing to you as well!!

1. Create structure into your day, especially pertaining to food consumption. Schedule the times you plan to eat and use it as a guideline. If you schedule every 2.5 hours and go 4 hours in between a snack or meal then pat yourself on the back!!

2. Brush your teeth after every meal or snack. No one wants to eat with fresh minty breath and clean teeth!

3. Think you're hungry? Many times you're actually dehydrated. Drink 16 oz of water BEFORE reaching for that sandwich or snack!

4. Not time to eat yet, but craving some chow? Look at the clock and WAIT! Give yourself 10-20 minutes to wait. If it's 2:45 I like to say... okay at 3pm I'll grab a healthy snack. Most likely you'll get involved in something and completely forget!!

5. Get moving!! Working out creates an adrenaline rush AND acts as an appetite suppressant!

6. Go for 10,000 steps daily, even if you're just walking around in circles at home (hopefully you can get outside)!

7. Go to bed early. My husband and I call this the sleep diet. Since late night snacking kills your waistline, it's a safe bet that you can't eat while sleeping!

8. Stop buying C.R.A.P. from the grocery store! Focus on fiber filled and nutrient dense produce (fresh or frozen).

9. Chill with the cocktails! I included this in my Stay In Shape blog as well... can you tell it's something I, myself am struggling with?

10. Retrain your brain. Find an outside force, a mobile app, a friend, a coach... someone or something than will help you change your behavior! It's possible to slowly change your mindset about food and even retrain your tastebuds!!


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