• Ali Cody

19 Stuck at Home, Stay in Shape Tips!

Updated: Apr 10

With the help of a few Facebook friends and followers I put together this list of 19 tips to be sure to stay in shape while you are stuck at home during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


1. Water, water, water, water! Drink plenty of water! Take your body weight, divide it in half.

That is the amount of ounces you need to drink EVERY day! This is your MINIMUM!

2. As soon as you wake up get out of your PJ's and into your workout clothes!

3. Work out in the morning, before you are consumed with worry about getting your to do list done (wake up earlier if needed).

4. Find an online workout to keep you motivated. It always helps to have a coach in your corner... or on the screen!

5. Look for a workout that brings you joy!! For example, if you like to dance... or maybe you danced when you were younger... then do that!

My favorite is!!

6. Eat plenty of dark leafy greens! At least 2 servings a day!

7. Mix up your workout routine. You could do cardio 3x a week and strength training 2-3x a week... whatever works for you!

Don't do the same thing every day, add in a walk outside on a beautiful day!

8. Be mobile! Make sure your can do your workout routine in more than one place, especially if you have a houseful of people stuck inside together.

9. Which brings me to #9... get OUTSIDE!

10. Make sure your workout areas are safe, safe from slipping, tripping, or crashing into something.

11. Focus on consuming good plant proteins like nuts, seeds, lentils, and beans.

12. Eat at least 1 hour or more before you workout. If you have a BIG meal then maybe 2-3 hours.

13. Go to bed early!

14. Chill on the Cocktails!

15. Wear proper shoes to workout, unless you're on cushioned carpet.

16. Eat a rainbow of colorful fruits and veggies (more veggies than fruit).

17. When you're at the computer or working find a way to work standing as well. Then alternate sitting/standing every 20 minutes.

18. Binge watch from the treadmill (or elliptical, or stationary bike)!

19. Get your family involved in some fun workouts, they could be downright silly!


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