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Continuing after blog #2... around the time I was recovering from the Cleocin induced colitis I began feeling pain in the back of both knees for no reason. Despite my primary care physicians advice I went back to see him. He ordered an MRI, but there were still no answers. They determined based on the location of the pain I must have tendinitis of my hamstring tendons. Fast forward 6 months and I get an email regarding a class action lawsuit for Levaquin users who suffered from torn tendons after using the antibiotic.

Well, well, now there's an explanation. Fortunately my tendons were not torn, but unfortunately I couldn't be a part of the class action. However, this put me in research mode. I purchased a white paper focused on healing from antibiotic induced torn or strained tendons. The recommendations included magnesium and turmeric (among other minerals and nutrients) and these did the trick. I soaked in magnesium (Epsom salt) and took magnesium and turmeric supplements.

To this day I still try to soak in Epsom salt when possible. If I don't have time, I rub the Epsom salt on any sore muscles while I'm showering. Funny how we forget things; when I was young and dancing en pointe I would soak my feet in Epsom salt on a regular basis - so it all made sense.

Finally, the pain was starting to lessen. One of the interesting findings in this white paper is that the very drugs designed to alleviate pain (short time) actually increased pain in the long-run. Good for the pharmaceutical business, bad for our bodies.

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