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Milk... NOT for humans!

Did I perplex you with my last blog? My statement that there is a universal way for everyone to eat to stay disease free is quite bold, I know! So, what kind of facts do I have to back it up? Great question! Let's find out... one step at a time!

The first book I was required to read while pursuing my nutritionist certification was by Dr. T. Colin Campbell titled "WHOLE". Dr. Campbell spent 10 years as a professor at Virginia Tech's Department of Biochemistry and Nutrition before going to Cornell in 1975.

My eye opening moments reading WHOLE had a lot to do with the fact that Campbell was raised on a dairy farm milking cows. When he became the coordinator of a US State Department project in the Philippines to develop a nationwide network of feeding centers for malnourished children, he envisioned providing cows to these villages in order for them to produce milk. Problem solved, right?

Unfortunately, during his scientific experiments and research his hope that cow's milk would solve the Philippines malnutrition issues was tipped over, not just falling flat but with major red flags regarding the carcinogen effect of cow's milk.

It is specifically the casein in cow's milk that is the Western World's #1 carcinogen. Click here for a great article with more information.

In scientific studies scientists could literally turn cancer on and off based on consumption of milk. Dr. T Colin Campbell not only had to re-evaluate his entire thought process coming from a family of dairy farmers, but he lost a TON of funding due to the fact that his findings were not profitable for a mainstream industry. Although it definitely hurt him financially Dr. Campbell is still astonished by those scientists and researchers who, due to funding needs, will turn a blind eye to the facts and continue thriving in their industry by catering to big business in order to get funding for studies that are constructed to prove otherwise. You see if your research is not profitable for those who might choose to fund you then you are cut off. So, you must decide to collect the money and skew your research or go broke with unpopular but scientifically sound experiments.

Below are some additional resources on the subject, but before you go think about this. What is a human's breast-milk to be used for? Humans, right? So wouldn't a cow's milk be used for calves? Specifically for a calf to grow from a mere 64 lbs to a mature cow at (yowza) 1,500 lbs. Do the two species seem to have similar needs?

Please friends do me a favor and get your kids and yourself OFF of cow's milk ASAP!! Seek other options like soy, almond, or cashew.

Here are the additional resources I mentioned, please read -

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Harvard University Studies

Michael Greger, M.D.

The No-Dairy Breast Cancer Prevention Program


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