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It's All Show Business Kid!

Most of the western world has accepted the concept of detoxifying, right? Taking one day maybe every few months and cleansing out the toxins from our system. So, how did those toxins get there? Was it from what you were eating, drinking, or breathing?

Yes and then some! We can even get toxins through our skin, which is the largest organ of the human body... but we'll get to that later.

Let me tell you I get SO ANGRY every time I hear about someone else with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or any other chronic illness... especially when it is someone very young. Who am I angry at? I'm angry at the system. I'm angry at scientists at major food and drug companies that know full well what is going on and don't speak up. I'm angry at the lawyers at these companies who also know what's really happening because of all the lawsuits they've had to quietly settle.

Let me first state that if you or your child have been diagnosed with a chronic illness it is NOT your fault! We have all been razzled & dazzled into happily consuming TOXINS. So much so that we are entering into the first phase of human history where many parents will outlive their children. Click here to read more about this from Dr. Linda Carney.

Are you or your child consuming toxins? Here are some common ones; click on the links for interesting articles on each:

Casein - in cow's milk

Processed Sugar

Animal Meat

Processed Foods

World Health Organization Processed Meat Causes Cancer

Besides the razzle/dazzle technique used in advertising manufacturers also count on confusion. These large companies hire their own scientists (many under the guise of a separate organization) to produce studies showing favorable results toward their products. Click here for one example (3.5 minute video). They count on us getting to the point where we say... "well I guess everything's bad for me, might as well just eat whatever I want" ...then they profit even more and chronic illness continues to increase exponentially.

If this makes you mad and you want to change things then keep in mind we have to do it from the bottom up... consumers must start making better choices in order to force changes. I'm telling you friends Whole Plant Foods is the key; nuts, fruits, veggies, & grains.

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