• Ali Cody

Getting Back on TRACK!

I was on a roll! Since July of 2015 to July of 2016 I had lost 15 lbs from my Jazzercise Certification and Plant Based Eating. Then a very FUN summer of 2016 happened and the weight came BACK!!! I started my plant based eating in January of 2016, shortly after beginning my Certified Holistic Nutrition courses. What I learned as I began my course had me QUICKLY changing my eating patterns!

Back in July of 2015 I had lost the first 10 lbs from my certification training and then the additional 5 lbs came off very quickly once I established a plant based eating plan. By Easter of 2016 my husband followed suit! Actually I believe he bought into the plant based philosophy previously, but it wasn't until Easter that I realized it. We were eating at my mom's. I had brought an additional serving of veggies and when my hubby bypassed the ham I took note!! He just nonchalantly looked at me and said that he had been listening and watching... AND adopted my new eating philosophy based on all that I had taught him and what he saw transforming before his eyes!

HOW COOL IS THAT? But again... a VERY FUN summer of 2016 began in June and I am still trying to recover! What happened? Well, I did NOT back down on the plant based philosophy, but i DID overindulge in my 2 vices... CHEESE and WINE!

No worries though, because when summer ended I was ready to get BACK on TRACK!! But then something surprising happened. I BROKE MY TOE right at the FOOT! ACK... This meant no more teaching Jazzercise for a month and... well.... comfort food and beverages! Yep, back to the cheese and wine... AND NO WORKING OUT. The weight came back on!!! I was sad and reached for comfort foods. Still no toxic filled animal products, but still, plenty of other unhealthy options!

I was so depressed & sad and gained more weight especially during this last month while waiting for my foot to heal. So now I am STILL working on getting back on track. The good news is that I know what to do and now it is only a matter of time before I get back to the weight that I had worked so hard to reach.

In the meantime the focus is really on being healthy and avoiding disease and medication. This means focusing on a plant based diet!

I cant WAIT to share some successes with TWO people that I have been able to consult with... in my next blog!


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