• Ali Cody

Less Meds - Goal Accomplished!

As I was finishing up my Holistic Nutrition Course I had to choose someone to consult as practice for my final project. My mother was a major reason I became interested in pursuing information on using nutrition to reverse disease. Naturally she was my first guinea pig! She was a very loving participant, although she didn't want to tell me her weight! :) Luckily she ended up complying with even that and I turned in the results of our initial consultation making a 100% on the project, whoo hoo!

But my score doesn't matter as much as IF IT WORKS!!! One very important thing I learned in my studies is that every individual is at a different stage of change. Some are clearly not ready, some need to take it real slow, and a few are gung-ho and roaring to do whatever it takes to get healthier!

My mom was a lot closer to gung-ho than I had expected and I was excited for her! There were only a few things that she was resistant about, but she has done just about everything we discussed except one thing.

She started by making small goals on physical fitness, focusing on walking one block each day to begin with. Now, she could walk the entire neighborhood with no problem and I am SO proud of her!

She is bringing over plant based dishes that she has made that are DELICIOUS!! She has incorporated substitutes such as almond milk when needed and her last recipe, a vegetarian casserole only contained a spoonful of flour. Did I mention how proud I am of her?

The only habit that she refuses to concede on is shrimp. She is dead set on having her

shrimp! She even jokes about bringing shrimp to over for me... LOL. You can understand her frustration when I don't actually find it funny. I'm not going to go off topic and explain why shellfish is so bad for us, but you can click here for multiple videos on the BMAA toxin & parasites that they contain.

What I DO want to focus on is that my mom and I talked about the goal of reducing her medications and lo and behold at her last doctor's visit her doc took her off TWO MEDICATIONS!!!! This is such great news! We are on the right track, and maybe if she will loosen up on her shrimp rebellion then she could possibly reverse her diabetes completely! Here is more information on that!

One of the medications they removed was for her diabetes and the other was an anti-anxiety medication. Plant based eating has a profound impact on the brain as well!

CHEERS everyone... and MOM - I am amazed by your progress!!!! She's losing weight too folks and looks incredible! Keep it up!!!


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