• Ali Cody - Nutritionist

Profits vs. People

I believe that most of the time capitalism benefits consumers due to the competitive environment it creates. Unfortunately the FOOD and PHARMACEUTICAL industries have learned how to maximize profits by creating confusion.

The FOOD and PHARMACEUTICAL industry cause confusion by their advertising and the scientifically flawed studies that they pay researchers to produce. Billions of dollars are spent to keep you confused and make you think that their product is going to benefit your life in some way.

This simply is not the case, these conglomerates DO NOT care about your life. They DO care about the lifetime value of your purchases and ultimately their BOTTOM LINE. They DO want to keep you alive and kicking just long enough to maximize profits. This unique business model ends with consumers eating dangerous processed foods filled with chemicals that over time can create life threatening disease. Then, we treat that disease not by changing our eating behaviors but by popping pills.

The healthcare (or what I'd prefer to call sick care) industry doesn't help the situation at all. In fact most doctors have never had a single nutrition course, but are fully versed on the latest and greatest pharmaceutical products. Don't get me started with oncologists as they actually make most of their money from selling chemo.

Now don't get me wrong. I am NOT saying all doctors are bad, they have been duped into this messed up system just like the rest of us. Most of them have great intentions and, if and when I get into another accident and need their help that is when they will have an important role in my life. As far as staying healthy and preventing disease they do NOT have the answers.

I beg of you friends, PLEASE stop the VICIOUS CYCLE in your life and help influence your family as well. You can start slowly or drastically... it's up to you! Just START! You can break the cycle by eating healthy.

There seems to be a lot of controversy as to what that is and isn't healthy, so let's keep it simple. Increase your intake of vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans... and any other plant based item. If you can purchase it in the produce section of the supermarket and if it doesn't contain "ingredients" then it is most likely extremely healthy for you!

These plants are where pharmaceutical companies get their incentive for those not so magic pills they market. There is no way to patent spinach, strawberries, or any other plant based food so there is no BIG MONEY in produce. But there is BIG GAIN for YOUR HEALTH and YOUR LIFE if you can start making changes NOW! Your goal should be to get to a point where 85% or more of what you eat comes straight from God's green earth!

As you are increasing your plant based eating limit (or eliminate) your animal based and processed food consumption.

I know it sounds a lot easier than it really is, but the trick is to just START the process! A great way to get started is one BUTTON CLICK away! I'm here to help!


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