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Diseased Care is NOT Health Care

The current healthcare system in the United States has become an industry that no

longer seeks out real answers. In his book "Whole" Dr. T Colin Campbell uses the term “The Disease Care System” to describe the medical community’s system of working re-actively and treating symptoms as opposed to root causes of disease. In his example of the blind men and the elephant, each sightless expert would only focus on one part of the animal, therefore never piecing together the connected needs and issues of the creature. This is also the case with doctors pushing pharmaceutical products that focus just on one issue, without getting to the source of the ailment. The drugs prescribed introduce chemicals into our bodies that are not natural and therefore produce negative side effects to another part of the body. This then keeps us coming back for more!

Dr. Campbell gives many examples of this: Got hypertension? Get a drug to lower your blood pressure. No interest in why your blood pressure might be high. Got cancer? Irradiate the tumor with chemotherapy. NO concern as to why the tumor developed. Had a heart attack? Get stents in your arteries so the blood can flow. NO care to determine the root cause of the blockage. He then gives another example of the madness of this type of behavior saying that if your lawn is brown you aren’t going to paint it green and think the problem is solved, right?

These additional questions that aren’t being pursued often point to nutrition as the answer, however most doctors have very little education in nutrition. Western medicine is more comfortable with a targeted approach and not one that leads to the overall good health of an individual. This is what Dr. Campbell calls reductionist medicine (focusing only on one part of the body at a time instead of the overall health of an individual).

While there are times when chemicals are needed, it should only be when all else fails or in the case of an accident that has created an emergency situation.

While it is easy to see how doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies would suffer financially if Americans chose to eat a nutritional whole plant based diet, what about the government?

Dr. Campbell also introduces his friend Howard Lyman, a prominent lecturer, author and former cattle rancher. Mr. Lyman says, “We have the best government that money can buy.” Meaning, the pharmaceutical and insurance lobbyists along with corporation’s financial backing of political candidates heavily influence government policies and standards.

Through Dr. Campbell’s experiences both inside and outside some of these organizations he realizes that the only approach that will have any revolutionary effect is a bottom up approach. As he says, if everyone in America started a WFPB diet tomorrow these industries would be in big trouble. This would also change the government policies overtime since we, the people, are electing them into office!

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