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I am pissed off!!! Too many people I know and now a lot of kids I know are suffering from cancer. It doesn't have to be this way!!! The pharmaceutical conglomerates are not helping you and the medical community is caught in the middle. Feel free to read my blog on that or do your own research on the viscous trap that you can so easily get caught up in.

HERE are the ANSWERS YOU ARE LOOKING FOR: Cancer needs 3 things to survive:

  1. An Acidic Environment

  2. A Lack of Oxygen

  3. Refined Sugar

Don't play games with your life!!! Starve cancer of these 3 things before the chemo and radiation treatments the oncologist prescribes kill you! Did you know that oncologists are the only doctors legally allowed to get a percentage of the profits made from the medicine they prescribe? So, are they genuinely interested in providing you with the best and most effective treatment or are they prescribing based on the profits they will receive and giving you false hope?

It isn't as complicated as the medical community would lead you to believe. ELIMINATE the 3 things that FEED CANCER and here's how:

  1. An Acidic Environment / CREATE AN ALKALINE ENVIRONMENT: Eat and drink with the goal of creating an alkaline environment in your system. Use the chart at the bottom to guide you and when it comes to water AVOID purified and instead choose either spring and/or alkaline water.

  2. A Lack of Oxygen / POUR OXYGEN INTO YOUR SYSTEM: Whatever you do DON'T stop working out!!! Keep exercising or start moving if you're not! Drink tons of water! Research the benefits of a BEMER mat and buy or find someone who has one (I know a neighbor and a chiropractor that have one). The neighbor purchased it while her husband was on hospice care and dying. He is now thriving.... seriously you MUST look into if you are dealing with chronic illness of any kind. CLICK HERE for 10 ways to increase oxygen into your system.

  3. Refined Sugar / DON'T EAT IT: Instead choose apples, bananas, sweet cherries, any whole plant foods (fruit) that can satisfy your sweet tooth will do the trick. For the record, my favorite is sweet cherries.... SO DELISH!

If you want additional proof regarding the first 2 points then PLEASE read about Nobel Peace Prize Winner Otto Warburg who actually discovered the cause of cancer back in the 1920's.

I am not messing around here and I advise that you don't either. Take YOUR life into YOUR own hands and stop putting it into the hands of corporations profiting and not killing cancer at it's core!

Message me if you have questions. I am going broke sharing this information because I am SO PISSED OFF! I'm here to help!


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