• Ali Cody - Nutritionist

5 WOW Worthy Weight Loss Tricks

Here are a few of my own weight loss tricks that I hope you find extremely helpful:

  1. Brushing Teeth After EVERY Meal or Snack: Not only is this extremely healthy for you (especially if you use a fluoride free toothpaste) but that extra fresh feeling in your mouth will DEFINITELY curb your snacking desires!

  2. Sleep Diet: I have been known to say "if I'm sleeping I'm not eating" which brought about my Sleep Diet. It all started when I was a Senior Project Manager at a B2B Virtual Marketing Firm and was working 60-80 hours a week. I really loved my job, but trying to juggle a huge project load along with all of my mom duties was a major challenge. This resulted in many late nights and if you're like me late nights awake mean sipping on a little wine, which becomes more wine, which then turns to snacking and... well, my waistline was seriously growing! Then I incorporated the Sleep Diet into my life! I started going to bed early and then waking up early (3-4 am at times) to meet my project deadlines. This resolved the issue of all that wine and snacking during the weekdays. Of course, there was still the issue of doing too much, which I eventually resolved by making life changes to focus on my family (ie quitting the job). Still to this day my husband and I will often go to sleep early if we are trying to reach a weight loss goal because if we're sleeping we're NOT EATING!

  3. Sweet Plant Foods: Do you have a sweet tooth? I sure do! The key is finding healthy items to satisfy that craving. Many times for dessert I will have a couple organic dark chocolate covered almonds which satisfies that sweet tooth (then of course I have to immediately go and brush my teeth so I don't desire anymore). Lately though I've found that sweet cherries (nature's candy) do the trick as well! I'm sure you can think of other replacements that you enjoy!

  4. Detoxifying Foods: Eating a lot of leafy greens will do wonders to flush your system of toxins! Without any roughage those toxins stay in your system making it difficult to reach your weight goals and creating an environment for diseased cells to thrive. However beware you will literally be FLUSHING those toxins away... I say good riddance! Click HERE for an article with the best veggies to flush out your system.

  5. iTrack Bites APP: Finally one of the best apps I have found when it comes purely to achieving weight loss goals is iTrack Bites. No, I do not get a kickback from the company, in fact my husband heard about this app from a friend and soon I was on board as I still had a few more pounds that I wanted to lose. It made the difference! By assigning points to the foods you consume and even letting you scan most bar codes and download a restaurant option it makes it super easy to balance your day. Best part is that you can count ALL fruits and veggies as FREE points!! Any app that encourages you to eat plant foods is great for your body!

I hope these tips were helpful to you, please email me at if you have any questions and feel free to fill out my HEALTH SURVEY to get your FREE initial consultation!


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