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Back to Health After IRMA!

After giving in to my vices during and after Hurricane Irma I knew I was in need of healing. Too many comfort foods and my immune system was definitely compromised. Too many organic chips, cheese loaded foods, and of course wine and my body was hollering out STOP THAT'S ENOUGH!

I knew what was going on, but just to be sure I was listening my system filled up two lymph nodes in my neck with some of the toxins I had consumed. It was obvious that my lack of real, plant based foods had created this situation so at first I didn't feel the need to see a doctor. I just needed to detox and vowed to consume whole plant based for the next week to superpower my immune system!

It started out well, I had my Plant Shake (with spring water, strawberries, blueberries,

and a banana blended in) for breakfast each morning. For lunch I would have a heavy loaded veggie dish with a salad and maybe some rice, but no cheese and very light on either stir fry or Mexican sauce. For dinner I would have another salad filled with red lettuce, spinach, various veggies and sparingly sprinkled with ranch dressing.

Fortunately, I had time the 2nd afternoon to soak in an Epsom salt bath. I chose "Dr. Teal's Detoxify and Energized with Ginger and Clay Epsom Salt Soaking Solution". Bathing in a ton of it, I even scooped up some in my hand and pressed it on my neck where the swelled up lymph nodes are. I also used the neti pot, which is SO effective.

Still, the next day I was concerned about infection in those lymph nodes. Even though I knew my body was cleansing out toxins I thought that maybe I started the process too late and felt a trip to urgent care was in order. I could barely move my neck due to the pain from the lymph nodes. Plus, at this point I was feeling sinus pressure which is about the only thing that seems to ail me these days (a big improvement from my previous list of issues).

Sure enough, at urgent care, I was diagnosed with a Sinus Infection and given a Z-Pack. I still followed course with strict plant based eating; especially now that my body was absorbing the toxins of the medications I was prescribed.

In fact, I usually treat myself to some organic dry food goods but I have not and it's been 6 days now. I can tell you for sure that my body is cleansing out toxins; they are leaving my system rapidly... you can probably deduct what that means.

The lymph nodes are shrinking and today I put onions on them. YES, ha ha ONIONS! I know that you can put onions on the bottom of your feet to help with detox so I just put them right there on the culprit and massaged the nodes in a circular motion toward my heart. I'm not completely healed yet, but oh so much better!

An incredible side effect of eating so well is of course losing weight and I am happy to report that I lost my Hurricane Irma weight!!! Whoo hoo!!

Did I mention I have been extremely strict with my diet for 6 days? Seriously I can only do so much. I'm going to have to bring in a few vices within limitation or I could go cray cray with cravings... and we don't want that again! It's all about balance and when you get off balance you may have to go the other extreme for awhile.

I'm ready now to get back to balance, how about you? If you slip into old habits don't beat yourself up and by all means DON'T GIVE UP!! Be kind to yourself and find your balance again!

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