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Why Reductionism Keeps Big Pharma From Resolving the Healthcare Crisis.

While I was studying for my Holistic Nutrition Certification there were a LOT of books that I had to read, however my favorite was "WHOLE" by Dr. T. Colin Campbell.

If you are confused about what to eat to stay healthy and prevent illness I highly recommend this book. In "WHOLE" the author states “The primary reason our very costly health-care system is broken is because it doesn’t deliver health, and seems to have little interest in doing so.” As he mentions, the focus should be on controlling disease, as opposed to controlling costs. Instead of focusing on preventive medicine we need preventive lifestyles.

Politicians have missed this completely due to the pressures (implied or direct) from the medical communities.

If the important question of how health can be improved is actually asked then this would lead us directly to nutrition! However, that answer is not profitable for big pharma, doctors, insurance companies, or even the food industry in general. Talk about losing votes and funding!

Dr. Campbell specifies that our reverence for processed foods, refined sugar, animal protein, the reductionist paradigm, and the profit-oriented system discourages preventative nutritional solutions.

By the way the term reductionist paradigm is used as a description of the the philosophy of the western healthcare system which focuses on one area of health at a time. Much of the time this focus causes additional health issues, ie: taking pain medication that then causes kidney issues. Wholistic healthcare recognizes that all organs and systems in our bodies are connected and the focus must be on whole health (as opposed for fixing one thing in exchange for another) for resolution.

If we start recognizing nutrition as the cornerstone of our health-care system and seeing reductionism as only a last resort tool then we will be on our way to living in a “wholistic” framework and to a healthier society!

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