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Avoiding These Foods Can Extend & Improve Your Natural Life.

Do you know what TOR is? Well, according to Wikipedia it is a free software for enabling anonymous communication. LOL, well obviously I'm not talking about that TOR, what I'm talking about is an enzyme. TOR is an AGING enzyme! Wouldn't it be cool if there were ways to inhibit this enzyme to extend your natural life span?

There have actually been more than 5,000 papers published over the last decade on this engine-of-aging enzyme, and there is a drug called Rapamycin that inhibits this enzyme.

The drug Rapamycin has been used experimentally to extend lifespan, but is already in use clinically to prevent the rejection of kidney transplants. Interestingly though, patients who received Rapamycin due to renal transplantation had a peculiar “side effect,” a decrease in cancer incidence!! In a set of 15 patients who had biopsy proven Kaposi’s sarcoma (a cancer that often affects the skin), all of their lesions disappeared in every patient within three months after starting Rapamycin therapy. Amazing, right? CLICK HERE for a 2009 TIME Magazine Article on this medication.

Of course, no medications are perfect and they ALL come with many possible side effects. Therefore natural solutions are always better, but are there natural ways to slow down TOR and do they also decrease cancer incidence?

Well, years ago (before grocery stores) periodic famine was the norm. And it turns out that famine (or fasting) actually slows down TOR as the body goes into a life preserving phase where it eats it's own cells... this in turn kills off diseased cells. Therefore, the body can renew itself during periods of fasting. CLICK HERE for more information on fasting to slow the aging process!

However, scientists realized that it wasn't just the fasting, but more specifically the restriction of animal protein that slowed down TOR. Does this limiting of animal protein also reduce your chance of disease?

Dr T Colin Campbell is the author of The China Study with 50 years of experience researching the correlation between diet and cancer. According to Campbell (along with the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research) there is significant evidence that meat and dairy have specifically been linked to increased cancer risks, and Dr. Campbell says giving up dairy is one of the best things a person can do to decrease their risks of developing cancer or experiencing cancer cell growth. In 1968, Campbell detailed a studied that was the first widely accepted study to be published regarding the intake of animal protein and increased cancer risk. Researchers found that the animals in the study who ate a diet made up of 20% (animal) protein had the strongest tumor growth rate, while animals only fed 5% (animal) protein had absolutely no tumor growth whatsoever. Over three weeks, animals were fed the same rates of protein and those who ate a diet of 20% experienced massive, fast tumor growth, while those who at only 5% protein still had no tumor growth whatsoever. For the last three weeks of the study, researchers removed protein from the animals’ diet that were eating the 20% and their tumor growths completely stopped. CLICK HERE for more details.

The American Cancer Society has long recommended a diet that limits processed

meat, red meat, and that is high in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. This is not new information, however America's love affair with animal protein has created a culture of chronic disease and once Americans can wake up from their food coma they might be able to see the forest from the trees (and realize that there's food in that their forest too)!

The GREAT news here is that we don't need to take medication to inhibit the TOR aging enzyme and decrease our risk of cancer and we also don't have to starve ourselves! I don't know about you, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE to eat!! All we have to do is be smart about what we are consuming! LIMIT meat, look at labels, and consume as many real, whole plant foods as possible!

Be healthy friends! Eat 80% or more plant based and keep the confusion to a minimum! Fill out my HEALTH SURVEY for an analysis or email me at I'm here to help!

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