• Ali Cody - Certified Nutritionist

How Companies Pay Researchers to Reach Biased Conclusions and Why This is Harming Your Health.

Believe it or not I didn't used to eat vegetables. It's true! Prior to 3 years ago I wouldn't touch a single one! You can ask my mom, my dad, my husband, or my in-laws and they will confirm! When I started my nutrition course I thought I was eating healthy, at that time my routine consisted of organic eggs, protein shakes, organic chicken, grass fed beef, and salad for the most part. It wasn't until I was studying to become a Certified Nutritionist that this really changed. Believe me, if I could've gotten away with NOT eating vegetables I would've. Although now that my taste-buds have come alive, I feel SO MUCH BETTER and wouldn't change a thing!!

Of course, my goal in becoming certified was to eat in a way that tastes good AND keeps me as healthy as possible. Most importantly, I wanted to be able to share this information with family and friends. During this time I was exposed to study after study that revealed not only the health benefits of plant foods, but the toxins contained in the majority of foods most Americans consume.

First let's talk about these studies, because I'm sure you have seen advertised studies that directly conflict with the research discussed during my nutrition course. To be scientifically sound research a double blind study is required AND there must be a control group. The advertising you see regarding many studies is most likely not scientifically sound, the researchers are very often paid to reach a predetermined conclusion.

As you might guess, the pharmaceutical industry conducts (or hire companies to conduct) experiments with an intended outcome. This is Research Bias and obviously doesn't help you, the consumer, with any real information. Here is a mind boggling article about how GlaxoSmithKline put patients in danger with a diabetic drug's "research" results. A Food and Drug Administration scientist later estimated that the drug had been associated with 83,000 heart attacks and deaths.

The food industry is no different, for example, the egg industry designed a biased study to hide the fact that eggs shoot your cholesterol and triglycerides up. CLICK HERE for the details. In fact, the same consultant company that handles Phillip Morris' public relations and biased health studies also represents many large companies within the food industry. CLICK HERE for detailed information about how they use the same strategies to confuse the public and harm YOUR health.

Both industries are counting on you to be SO confused by ALL of the conflicting stories and studies that you just give up and eat whatever you want. This benefits the most of the food industry and the entire pharmaceutical industry.

Unfortunately most organizations that appear to fight chronic illness have been sponsored by the very companies that are contributing to the health crisis in America. This shifts their priorities and feeds into the vicious cycle of chronic illness that they originally set out to fight.

Thankfully it appears that the World Health Organization (WHO) still has their priorities focused on your health. You can find many non-biased research answers on the WHO website. They classify foods according to their potential to cause cancer and other chronic illnesses. For example, red meat is in Group 2A; probably carcinogenic to humans and processed meat is in Group 1, carcinogenic to humans. Be smart and eat in a way that has you thriving!!

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Stay healthy friends and ENJOY life!


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