• Ali Cody

The Most Important Relationship...

Updated: Apr 29

During this COVID-19 quarantine I am blessed to be in an area where I can still go on long walks. This provides not only a good workout, but a great time of reflection while in the beauty of God's creation.

It was during one such walk that I recorded these thoughts and wanted to share...

I believe that God is working to expose a lot right now. He is revealing Himself to many, He is revealing to a lot of us how important it is to spend time with our families and slow down.

He is showing us the beauty of His creation, the birds singing, the dolphins playing in Venice canals, clear skies, and the laughter I currently hear of a young boy playing outside with his father.

The good Lord is also making sure we understand that our heroes are those who serve... not entertain. True heroes serve, just as Jesus did when He changed history forever walking the earth serving those in need, those poor in spirit, those seeking a Savior.

Even when we have nothing God is revealing to us what a blessing good health is, but His most fabulous gift has to do with relationships...

...our relationship with loved ones. Some are now yearning to be with those they love, and some are mourning those they love.

Yet, the most important relationship is ultimately between us and God. A relationship that needs sacrifice as none of us are worthy of this closeness. When God gave His only son, Jesus, to be the final sacrificial lamb and pay the price for our sin... death lost its sting and life became a world of hope, no matter the situation.

I pray that these times draw you closer to God. I pray that your struggles now and always have you relying on God's promises... not the fear, hate, and bitterness that this world projects.

Never stop seeking Jesus as your Savior!


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