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Tracking Nutrients

October 2, 2016

If you're wondering what exactly you can eat on a Whole Plant Food nourishment plan, then this blog is for you. I call it a nourishment plan as opposed to a diet because it is truly the way to provide your body with ALL the nutrients it needs to thrive and avoid the unhealthy by-products that are making so many people ill. Even if you still have some unhealthy items but over 80% of the good stuff your system will work to get rid of the bad stuff.


Below are 3 days and 3 variations of what I consume on a regular basis in a given day. For me some days are better than others and on the weekends I loosen up a bit (but I still will no longer consume animal meat - see my bio-magnification blog). Some days we are on the go constantly so it means packing meals, or preparing meals in a rush. Some days eating a whole plant food in it's original form is possible and other days we have to grab something pre-packaged with whole plant food items. Plus, I have a few taste-bud favorites!


Last January mid-way through my nutrition certification course I adopted this way of eating and it is still a work in progress (as am I). During this crazy life of mine (and I assume yours as well) we do our best, but knowledge is power and the more you really understand about this the more you will figure out how to make it work in your life.  By no means do you have to be perfect, but the goal is for 80% of your consumption to be plant foods. My recommendation is the plan what you will eat BEFORE you begin your day. This eliminates decision fatigue... yes, it is a real thing.


Please understand even though I am providing you links to products or recipes that I am in no way profiting from this. The only profit I will accept is in the form of nutrition counseling and I never want a particular product or brand to affect how I would counsel you personally. Although, I do personally have some favorites which you will notice in my journal.


Day 1 -

Breakfast - Advocare Plant Based Protein Shake (with organic honey, banana, peanut butter, alfalfa sprouts, and turmeric)

Snack - Pistachios

Lunch - Dr. Praeger's Kale Veggie Burger (with spinach, cheese, and ketchup; no bread)

Dessert - Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

Snack - Organic Raw Carrots & Organic Raw Broccoli with Veggie Dip

Dinner - Spinach & Tomato Salad with pine nuts, sunflower seeds 

Evening - Wine (1 glass)


Day 2 -

Breakfast - Advocare Plant Based Protein Shake (with organic honey, banana, peanut butter, alfalfa sprouts, and turmeric)

Snack - Peanuts

Lunch - Amy's Vegetable Lasagna

Dessert - Chocolate Chip Vegan Muffin Vita Tops

Snack - Beanito's Black Bean Chips - 1 serving

Dinner - Spinach & Tomato Salad with pine nuts, sunflower seeds 

Evening - Pineapple Coconut Juice


For Day 3 here is a screenshot of my favorite tracking tool... the Cron-O-Meter App:


 From the Cron-O-Meter App here is a summary of my day - 

Then, you can drill down to the various nutrients and begin to adjust (I need a little more of some items and a little less of others) so that you are headed toward consuming the perfect mix of taste and nutrition for YOU....











As I mentioned, I am not perfect and this tool helps me to adjust as well. Most Americans get WAY TOO much protein and sugar for example which causes diseased cells to form. Here is a great way to check yourself.


Hopefully this gives you an idea of where to start. I like to enjoy my food so I guarantee you everything listed in my meals is DELICIOUS (to me at least) :)






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